Big news!

I have a blog!

You’re welcome, everyone!

Since summer is upon us, I will try to update this thing regularly. However, I’m going to fail immediately. Know why? On Saturday I leave to go on a two-week Mediterranean cruise. I will be incommunicado. No Internet. No Facebook. No blog. Actually, I will be checking my e-mail for a very important reason, but I won’t be announcing that unless the outcome is good. But I’ll be back in a few weeks, and I’ll post photos of my trip and stories that feature me as the heroine.

After that, I will also be posting about my cooking, baking, and cake decorating adventures. It’ll be a hoot. Tell your friends! I told mine, but they just looked at me and asked me not to communicate with the world. I refused. So here I am!

I will also post stories of my life, because I happen to think I’m interesting. At least pretend you do, too. kthx.

Next stop: Venice, Italy.


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