Return to normalcy?

Well, as promised, I have returned home! And I plan to spend the next few days entertaining my not-yet-existent readers with photos from my trip through Croatia, Greece, Italy, and Spain!

However, though I’m back home, there’s nothing normal about it. Still getting settled into my parents house (again) and very nervous about the job search that is now underway.

But there is a lot to be optimistic about! I’ll still be teaching Wilton classes at Michaels (shout-out to my wonderful students!), I’m taking a one-day photography class specifically for my Nikon (check out Sarah Goodman Photography on Facebook for more information), I’m going to take a brief series of oil painting classes with my dad and my grandma, and I plan to cook/bake a lot! And, although I don’t want to be a traitor to Wilton, I found the new Duff Goldman brand cake decorating supplies at Michaels. I’m stoked to try them out! (If only to tell my students how inferior it is to Wilton *wink*). We’ll see!

Plus, I caved and ordered some awesome boots just in time for 110-degree Phoenix weather! I found the blog Pretty Shiny Sparkly’s recent outfit post late last night and fell in LOVE with these ZiGi Boots. By the way, the feet pictured below do not belong to me.

It makes me want to be a fashion blogger. So I guess we’ll see just how many directions I can take this blog without alienating my reader(s)! But I figure the absolutely fantastic Pioneer Woman can talk about calf nuts and chocolate sheet cake in the same sentence, so I’ll give this a go.

Until tomorrow…

Daydream Baker


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