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Welcome to Argostoli, Greece!

Although we had absolutely no idea what to expect at the second Greek port of our trip, we really lucked out finding some cool things to see.

We managed to rent two small cars–impressive, given the huge language barrier–and drove to the other side of the island. This was more difficult than you’d think since the road signs had Greek letters all over them, which we couldn’t even begin to pronounce, much less understand! It was a beautiful, mystical-looking island that was very mountainous and green, with fog rolling in between the peaks.

Our first stop was Melissani Lake–and underground lake! Currently it is actually an open-air cave. Hundreds of years ago the roof caved in, which is how the lake was discovered. It was slightly overcast when we were there, but the water was so pure and teal I could have gone for a swim if it wasn’t too chilly outside! Once we walked down to the water level, we got in rowboats and our guide paddled us around, seamlessly switching between Greek and broken English, trying to describe the geological phenomenon. While the tour didn’t last long, it was definitely a sight not to miss!

After that we stopped in town for a quick lunch and ate at Captain Corelli’s–right in the harbor where the movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz) was filmed.

Our last stop was Drakena Cave, a huge cavern full of all the- ites–both stalact- and stalagm-! This cave wasn’t connected to a series of caves (like Kartchner Caverns in Arizona), but was still great to see.

While Argostoli wasn’t our most exciting port of call, I would definitely stop there again to explore a little more!

Fun facts: Cephalonia’s name honors Mythological hero Kefalos, who sought refuge from Athens on the island.


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