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Photography class

This past Saturday I took a one-time photography class with Sarah Goodman Photography specifically for my Nikon camera. Sarah was a wonderful hostess (and made a great lunch!).

I already have a basic knowledge of photography–aperture and shutter speed–but apparently I missed the boat on ISO! Turns out ISO is pretty crucial in capturing the light just right! I definitely learned a few tricks of the trade that I’ll be able to apply, and I can’t wait to try them out once I get the right lens!

But that was the problem…Throughout the class I was taking photos with the new lens I bought, and everything in the viewfinder would be crystal clear. I’d snap the photo…BLURRY every time! Unfortunately we found out too late that that lens wasn’t compatible with my camera. I need a lens with the motor in it, since my camera doesn’t have it. Luckily we were able to find out the lens I need and it’s not too much more expensive! I can’t wait to get all artistic–bokeh, here I come!

And thanks, Sarah, for the wonderful instruction!


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